The Deep Vintage Store York

Just down the road from Purple Haze, The Deep is department store esq with organisation and display down to a T.

Again there is just the right amount of stuff, all of it has been altered or changed slightly in their factory which makes it an individual vintage store to say the least.

I would describe The Deep as stereotypically ‘cool’. The shop design black and white, with a bold simple logo, the layout very neat and precise. The clothes are new age cool with a vintage feel. jazzy jackets, shirts and shorts, brightly coloured plain tees, countless jumpers and pretty dresses. Look out for a bargain handbag or pair of old boots! Also the denim shorts and jumpers are slightly cheaper than purple haze if that is what you’re looking for.

The Deep is¬†definitely¬†worth visiting. It is an understated Vintage store that the north should be proud of and is of equal standard, if not better than London’s vintage stores but at half the price!

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